Meet the Team

We believe transparency in government and politics is of utmost importance. Here is who we are:



Teresa Darden-Behr

Founder and Owner of End Party Politics, LLC 

I am an entrepreneur and visionary at heart. My greatest happiness in life comes from helping others, and from learning. I am an advocate for those who are being hurt and taken advantage of. I thrive when given opportunity to come up with new ideas on how to make systems better and bring them online, today, which is why I am so passionate about my work with End Party Politics. I have studied business planning for the last five years and believe our elections and systems of government can benefit from making a platform that enables The People more power and a simplified process for getting things done. 

I worked in the lending side of mortgage from 2001 through 2008. I received, on average, three promotions per year and consistently rated in the top 1% on year end reviews, due to my need to know every aspect of a project I am working on, and my ability to work independently to gain the knowledge I need for success.  

As mentioned, I’ve been studying business planning for five years, and in that time, I have been focused on online businesses. Being married to my husband has inspired my interest in bringing businesses online that traditionally have kept customers and/or users traditionally in the dark. I believe with technology many industries can be streamlined, transparent and achieve better success for both industry and client. 

There is power in working together and sharing knowledge. Knowledge is an infinite resource; not finite the way businesses of the past have looked at it. My greatest desire is to provide our country with a tool and resource to better work together within our government system. Ensuring people are part of the equation is necessary in having a government that represents The People. As the owner and founder of End Party Politics, it is my job to continually strive to make this reality. I make myself available for all to talk to. Please, provide feedback, here on the website or via the Facebook page. Additionally, you can reach me directly with my contact information that is available on the Facebook page. Let me know your thoughts on how we can make our company better for you. 




Isaac Jensen


Isaac Jensen is the President of Granting Dreams, a consulting firm located in Minnesota. He is an Army Veteran, having served nine years as a Civil Affairs Specialist in the Army Reserves including a deployment to the Horn of Africa. He has a BA in International Politics with a concentration in International Relations and Affairs and is currently completing his Masters of Professional Studies in Community and Economic Development. Isaac also volunteers as a Firefighter and First Responder with his local fire department. 

Additionally, Isaac recently served as the Campaign Manager for Chad Enstad, an Independence Party of Minnesota Candidate for U.S. Congress seeking to represent Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. In 2015 and 2016, Isaac volunteered as the Minnesota State Coordinator on a grassroots PAC titled The 2016 Committee supporting Dr. Ben Carson for the 2016 Presidential elections. 


Danielle Jensen

Bookkeeping, Research Support, Administrative Support 

Danielle is happily married with one daughter, and lives in rural, western Minnesota. Politically, she considers herself a moderate Conservative, classifying herself further as a Constitutionalist–she believes in small government with a limited budget, but socially, tends to be moderate.  

In the past, Danielle has held administrative, managerial, and bookkeeping roles with great success. She currently works as a team with her husband, Isaac, for Granting Dreams, serves as the Vice-President of the Home and School Association for Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, and still considers herself a stay-at-home-mom despite her roles with Granting Dreams and Our Lady of Victory. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and spending as much quality time with family as possible. Other interests include ancient and renaissance history, music, culinary arts, and cultural studies.  


Amber Duval

Writer, Editor, Project Coordinator, and New Hire Recruitment 

As a graduate of Fresno State University, class of 2016, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education, Amber is beginning her career as a high school English teacher in Tulare County after substitute teaching for the past three years. Her passions include creative writing, reading, and raising her four children. In addition to teaching and writing, she spends her time working with the not-for-profit organization, Pirates For Hope, as a recruitment and training manager, as well as a character at their public events where they raise awareness and donations for local organizations in need.  


Fritz Darden-Behr

Technology Lead 

Fritz is a technologist at heart. He loves to tinker with things and make them better for people. He is exceedingly excited about our mission to empower the People to have more say in our government and believes that the technology platforms that End Party Politics is building have a real chance to advance that mission. 

Fritz has been building new large-scale technology systems since 2000, working on cutting edge big data, machine learning, search, marketing, and psychology research applications. He has worked for a small startup, The MITRE Corporation, and larger technology-based companies such as Facebook, and Microsoft. He graduated from Harvard University with B.A. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science. 

Outside of work, Fritz enjoys bonding with his wife, Teresa, and watching their two children grow and mature. He hopes that End Party Politics will help ensure that the world we leave to them is less divided than the world we see today. 


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