WA – U.S. Senate – Alex Tsimerman

WA - U.S. Senate - Alex Tsimerman

WA – U.S. Senate – Alex Tsimerman

Total Reported Receipts:

Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Business, Business consultant and Caregiver for my mother.

Education:  College, University, Master degree in Engineering & Management

Community Service: Won class action in 1997 for housing discrimination, included HUD. Won a very unique class action in 2015 against DSHS for stealing $100 million from 50,000 people. Speaking over 1600 times in many council chambers about local government corruption and to restore our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Alex Tismerman speaks in council chambers to stop Seattle & King County who suck blood and money from us which goes to government & corporations. StandUP America and join him!  

Statement: Are we better now than a few years ago? Stop Seattle fascism with idiotic face!

I, Alex Tsimerman, speak to all Washingtonians stop Seattle emerald degenerate super smart freaking idiot, who bring Seattle to number One Fascist City in America with Nazi Social Democrat Mafia with progressive Gestapo principle. That always choose dirty garbage rats that drink from fat cat toilet and who make your life miserable and brought us to total collapse. Enough is Enough.

Sound transit, Seattle City, Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing are working together in what looks like collusion, which will cost us $200,000,000,000 (~$200 billion) for another few years and we all will have to pay for this. No taxes for first $100 spent on anything. We pay billions in taxes. Give ordinary people a little bit of air for breathing. Ordinary Americans have lost all power- whether it be economic, political, media or legal.

People in Pierce County, refused to accept Sound Transit 3. We The People need to bring a class action and give billions back. City of Tacoma voted to limit elected officials to only 2 terms. We need to bring this to the entire State to stop all elected officials from staying in their position for 20+ years.

We have two Women Democrat US Senators for more than 30 years but salary for women always remained less than men. This shows how a One party system, who looks like Fascism, works.

A One party system is always Fascism. StandUP Washington State so we can bring us back to normal life. We have enough money in the system to make life better for everyone without a penny more from the people. I speak to you Washingtonians StandUP stop Seattle Fascism with idiotic face. For, Of and By the people! Vote for Alex Tsimerman!


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