WA – U.S. Senate – Clint R. Tannehill

WA - U.S. Senate - Clint R. Tannehill

WA – U.S. Senate – Clint R. Tannehill

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Other Professional Experience: Clint comes from one of the lowest income, working-class neighborhoods in Washington and has worked his way to become a successful entrepreneur. He continues to run multiple successful businesses in Downtown Seattle. He is currently the CEO of SimplePay and Casual Kings LLC.

Education: Clint has studied Political Science at the University of Washington and Seattle Central College. He also studied Business Administration & Management at Spokane Falls Community College.

Community Service: Clint is a Board Member with Wonderland Developmental Center, a nonprofit that helps children meet healthy developmental milestones through evaluations, Early Intervention, and supplemental support programs.


Healthcare: I will implement a single-payer healthcare system/Medicare for all. All Americans deserve the right to healthcare. A single-payer system will reduce burdens on employers to provide insurance, and will reduce burdens on employees by separating their healthcare from their job.

Education: Thousands of jobs in Washington are currently going unfulfilled as a result of our lack of skilled workers. This will change under my education plan. I will redevelop our education system to meet today’s employment demands by providing tuition-free college to all ages as a public service, with vocational routes for high-skilled trades.

Small Businesses: In an effort to grow our employment by small to medium sized business to 65% nationally, I will propose a bill that would give tax breaks to Job Creators on a federal level. This bill will mean zero taxes for Job Creators with earned incomes less than $100,000. It will then scale .3% for every $1,000 earned beyond that until $200,000 earned income, when it would then integrate with the federal tax bracket. This will incentivize small businesses to create jobs in our Washington economy and help them flourish.

Gun Sense Legislation: Washington State has strong and sensible gun laws in place that must be implemented nationwide. We need the background check system to work across all government agencies and across all states, and we must create systems that effectively execute these laws coast-to-coast. We need to push for the nation to mirror the guns laws of Washington. Gun violence liability must follow the perpetrator as well as the gun owner. As a personal victim of gun violence, my goal is to promote safe storage of firearms. This alone will save lives.

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