WA – U.S. Senate – Keith Swank

WA - U.S. Senate - Keith Swank

WA – U.S. Senate – Keith Swank

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Police Union Executive Officer, Pierce County Precinct Committee Officer     

Other Professional Experience: Captain, Seattle Police Department Night Duty Commander (the highest ranking officer in the City at night time); Officer for over 28 years; U.S. Army veteran (honorable discharge); I attended Airborne, Ranger, and Halo Schools and was assigned to a Long Range Recon Unit 

Education: B.S. Psychology University of Washington, 1994, Everett Area High School, Everett, PA 

Community Service: Church volunteer, Youth baseball and wrestling coach, former member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and Lions Clubs International.

Statement: You deserve safety so that you can provide the very best for your family. I have worn a uniform for over thirty years. I have defended America and our communities my entire adult life and I will defend you in the Senate. The establishment has neglected us for too long, and now they obstruct President Trump from keeping his promises to you. Career politicians do not respect you or your values. Pull the plug, Drain the Swamp!

We need to build a wall on the southern border to keep out drug cartels, gang members and terrorists. Border security is national security. You deserve to have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. That’s why I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and life-time member of the NRA.

You deserve low cost energy to heat your homes and drive your vehicles. America should be energy independent, and we do not need to buy oil from countries that use our money to fund terrorism. We have been paying a national gas tax for decades. The federal government owes us well maintained roads so that we can drive to and from work and take care of our families.

You know how to best spend your hard-earned dollars. The tax cuts need to be permanent. The federal government needs to live within its means, and politicians need to stop taking so much money from our families.

We can keep our families safe from foreign enemies by having the strongest military in the world. Our military readiness decreased drastically during the last administration, and we need to restore it quickly. Furthermore, we should never go to war unless we are committed to winning. If you agree that things can be better, I ask for your vote.

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