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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Democratic Precinct Committee Officer, Skagit County, 2004-5.

Other Professional Experience: Internal legal staff of Mobil Oil Corporation (1973-77) and Harris Corporation (1977-1990). Board member, General Counsel, Whole Energy Fuels (2006-10).

Education: BA, Yale, 1967. JD, UCLA, 1973.

Community Service: Leader of campaigns to restore Skagit Transit’s revenue after I-695, adopt a Skagit County Charter, adopt a community bill of rights in Bellingham barring coal trains, and adopt proportional representation in Whatcom County Council elections; leader or supporter in People for a Peaceable Planet, FairVote Washington, Racial Justice Coalition, advisory committees of Skagit Transit and Whatcom Transit.

Statement: Stoney will work for things that voters across the political spectrum want and need. He’ll work to cure the plague of gerrymandering and campaign bribes that mean our representatives don’t represent us. He will work for ranked choice voting and proportional representation, making our votes count and the politicians accountable. He’ll work to overturn “corporate personhood” and “money is speech”.

He’ll work for universal, single-payer healthcare and debt-free college, fair trade instead of free trade, strongly progressive taxes, and expanded Social Security benefits. All workers need living wages and easy union membership, and for those for whom the system doesn’t supply jobs we need a universal basic income. We can and should have a housing system based on public and non-profit ownership where everyone has a decent place to live.

We need an end to the endless wars – and their endless costs. We finally need to get the peace dividend that was promised a quarter century ago. We need internet neutrality, and government and corporate spies out of the internet. Let’s break up the big banks, and have public control of the money system. Let’s set up Post Office banking and state and local government banks. Stoney will work to prevent discrimination against anyone.

Let’s work for a Green New Deal, with millions of clean jobs that build a sustainable energy future. We need clean water, clean land, clean air, and clean electromagnetic space, and the right of ecosystems to thrive. We must learn to treat nature with respect and gratitude, not as a thing to exploit.

Stoney will not accept corporate donations, and if elected will donate 2/5 of his salary to causes which support his values.

Stoney does and will stand by you. Let’s win together for a society where everyone wins!

(360) 389-3314

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