WA – U.S. Senate – Mohammad Said

WA - U.S. Senate - Mohammad Said

WA – U.S. Senate – Mohammad Said

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee for Grant County. State Delegate-Democratic Convention several times. National Platform Committee 1988. Former Vice Chair-Democratic Central Committee – Grant County. State Committeeman Grant County 2018.

Other Professional Experience: Expert in healthcare, holding one of the highest medical degrees in theUS. Expert of US-Arab/Muslim relations. Facebook Dr.Mohammad Said & http://www.drsaid.net.

Education: M.D. with honors, PhD with honors, MPH, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Geriatric, Preventive & Alternative Medicine, Former Asst. Clinical Professor at VA in Fargo, ND

Community Service: Volunteer for 14 years at Washington State correction facilities and others local, county, and state.

Statement: In 2000 Maria Cantwell and I ran for US senate my son Hashem 18 years Old elected State Delegate helped my campaign. As Democrat I am strong on progressive issues, conservative on social issues.

70 years ago, my family was expelled from the Port City of Haifa Palestine, as well as 700 hundred thousand Palestinians by Zionist Jews, coming mostly from eastern European who had no connection to Palestine.

President Trump transferring the American Embassy to Jerusalem is fomenting a Religious war between Muslims and Jews worldwide as both consider Jerusalem sacred. I tried to resolve this conflict on the basis of stablishing a non-religious state in Historic Palestine, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians can live together with equal rights under a constitution similar to the U.S. This resolution was adopted by Grant County Democratic convention four times. In 1990 I introduced a resolution adopted at Democratic State Convention in Spokane, to make the Middle East free of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Israel is the only country who has nuclear weapons at the Dimona nuclear facilities in the Negev desert.

On health care I am an expert see details in my Facebook Dr.Mohammad Said. As an immigrant myself Spanish speaking, I advocate to institute a guest worker program, so Latinos come to work in the US leaving their families behind given enough time to go back to visit. Amended Constitution to reform War Powers Act, National Guard under State control and Second Amendment as privilege and not right, foreign born American citizens able to run for president. Cut foreign aid, former President Obama gave Israel 38 billion dollars from tax payers in the next 10 years. No politician protested. Reign on military not treat them as sacred cow, need to finance our infrastructure.

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