WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 8 – Jason Rittereiser

WA - U.S. House - Congressional District 8 - Jason Rittereiser

WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 8 – Jason Rittereiser

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Not an elected position, but I represented the State of Washington as a King County criminal prosecutor in the Special Assault Unit and the Violent Crime Unit, bringing justice to crime victims.

Other Professional Experience: As a lawyer, I protect employees facing discrimination in the workplace. Recognized by the King County Bar Association as 2017 “Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year.”

Education: JD, DePaul University; BA in Economics, University of Washington

Community Service: Appointed by the Governor to the State Advisory Council on Homelessness. Volunteer with Attorneys Protecting Privacy, protecting the rights of child victims of sexual assault during criminal prosecutions.

Statement: I’m Jason Rittereiser, and I’m running for Congress to address the challenges working people and middle-class families face in our communities. Each day I serve in Congress, I will be a voice for you.

Protecting the Middle Class: I understand the concerns of families on both sides of the Cascades. I grew up middle-class in Ellensburg – my dad was a police chief and my mom served on the City Council – where I learned the importance of hard work and public service from an early age. I served as a prosecutor for King County, protecting our communities. Now, I live in Issaquah and work as a lawyer protecting workers’ rights.

Standing Up to Trump: I’ve built my career standing up to big corporations and powerful interests that don’t play by the rules. In Congress, I’ll hold Donald Trump accountable because no one is above the law. I’m proud of my long record of fighting for women who face abuse, discrimination, or unfair treatment in the workplace.

Focused on Results that Matter: I’ll fight to pass Medicare for All, so everyone has access to quality healthcare. I’ll push for common-sense gun safety like improving background checks. I’ll expand access to affordable college, eliminate education debt, and protect Social Security. I’ll take on special interests to end Citizens United.

I will stand up for what’s right. That’s why I have more endorsements from organizations you respect than any other candidate: The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO; 7 local Firefighters’ Unions; Renton Police Guild; Kittitas County Democrats; Young Democrats of Washington; Coalition of Indivisible groups in WA-08. As well as state employees, sheet-metal workers, longshore workers, carpenters, plumbers, tech workers, operating engineers, and more.

I ask for your support and your vote. Thank you.

(425) 369-4121

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