WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 8 – Gordon Allen Pross

WA - U.S. House - Congressional District 8 - Gordon Allen Pross

WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 8 – Gordon Allen Pross

Total Reported Receipts:

Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: President, CWU Fencing 1991, Nominee 1998 US House, ECO Presbyterian Deacon, ordained, 2007 

Other Professional Experience: President CEO, FCO. Gordon 4-M-J Nation, Manufacturer Tier III, I-502, Processor. Research in Premium Organic Pharmaceutical Grade A+  “Medicalijuana”   2000’s: Land Manager, Energy Researcher    1990’s Recruited: Cartographer, Ministry Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Japan; Host, Japanese Botanists. Instrumental in lifting embargo, Washington Apples.   1980’s: Army, Aviation Overseas, Navigator, Aerial Observer, Crew Chief, Flight Engineer, Emergency Co-Pilot Kiowa, Flight Advisory, Safety, Ordinance Officer     1970’s: Conservation, Agricultural Forestation, Firefighter, Timber Harvesting 

Education: BA, Political Science 2000, Phi Sigma, Sculptor CWU      

Community Service: War To Save FFTF, campaigning, churchman duties 

Statement: America’s General in Arms, George Washington, Commander in Chief, name sake for our state: George’s  Dollar bill has been rendered down to only two Lincoln Cents. Our Republic 222 trillion in debt. Health care doesn’t treat heath; only maintains controls on disease. Our great physicians are Ferrari mechanics working only on Volkswagens per say. Someday our great physicians will be armed with the methods to treat health, not disease: prerequisite: cleaning up America’s food chain. Removing fossil fuel from our air, water, soil, food and bodies.  

I’m licensed by Washington state to manufacture a FDA class 1 drug; that possesses an organic compound, CBD, that could, Abolish America’s Opiate Epidemic.

When a natural disaster hits, and the power grid fails, sometimes it takes scores and legions of days to recover the power grid. America needs Washington state with Boeing/NASA to harness the universes unlimited source of power within ‘Magnet Propulsion Generation’ just ask any first grader how their magnets work.

Our Creator could not have graced Our Washington Territory any more than when He created Her with his bare hands adopting every geological land form found (excluding: tropical Jungle).  And ‘The Great Falls’ the only one found on earth. To include every nationality, custom, music and cuisine. Amazingly Washington politicians only run her into the ground, they can’t even afford K-12. That’s insulting humanity.  See Ephesians 6:12

Proposed 28th Amendment: Abolish Every Tax, Fee, Write Off, Loophole and Shelter. Resurrect a 10% Tax on 100% of America’s income to pay down 100% of America’s tax. Ask any first grader About rounding numbers. every taxed penny/local, state, federal gets an equal 33.33%. rounding 00.01% for Campaign Finance Reform paying down 100% of America’s Campaigns.  

America Unite, to get it right’ ‘United States Of America‘. 

(509) 962-9770

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