WA – U.S. Senate – Matt Hawkins

WA - U.S. Senate - Matt Hawkins

WA – U.S. Senate – Matt Hawkins

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience:  Precinct Committee Officer.

Other Professional Experience: Investment Banking supporting, Industrial & Construction Services, Aerospace Hospitality and Food Service. Business owner and Partner in Omni Restaurants. Successfully turned around a company in an Involuntary Chapter 11.

Education: BS in Business Finance from BYU in 1982. Certifications earned: “CCIM” (Certified Commercial Investment Member), and “CM&AA” (Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor) from the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors.


Community Service: Earned Eagle Scout, served as Scoutmaster, Girls’ softball and participated as PTO officer. Volunteered board member for Campfire Girls. At church worked with youth and adults at all levels to support the strengthening of families and community. 

Statement: Freedoms-Families-Faith

Freedoms we know are eroding, adding to this is the lack of conversation. No where is this more apparent than at the national level where we see the polarization of discussion. Some believe that passing laws will ensure their voice has been heard, while failing to recognize that the creation of laws for one, may diminish freedoms for all. Dialogue is key to understanding the freedoms we have and how we can best preserve them.

Families are at the core of all that is good for this country and State. This is the primary institution that needs to be strengthened so that this experiment that was begun by our forefathers continues. Parents have got to be recognized as the primary source for the rearing of their children. Teenagers have got to be allowed to acquire employable skills while in their teenage years. We need to encourage the strengthening of the economy so that parents can provide for their families with livable incomes. This must be true for all localities of the State. Finally, we need to ensure that social programs are supported at the local level so that parents and families can have confidence in a future that is guaranteed to have predictable challenges.

Faith: we need to create dialogue so that people do not feel alone. We need to be able to step into the unknown with confidence that answers will come. Married 32 years, we have raised a family of 10 children (5-boys/ 5 girls) teaching them to move forward in Faith. We worked to become debt free, only to see our fortunes lost as conditions beyond our control wiped out what we once enjoyed. We are aware of the discussion that needs to occur regarding Mental Health and support within our communities.  

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