WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 3 – Martin Hash

WA - U.S. House - Congressional District 3 - Martin Hash

WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 3 – Martin Hash

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Multiple terms as a PCO. Candidate several times for State office.

Other Professional Experience: Simultaneously licensed Doctor, Attorney (and U.S. Patent Agent), Accountant (CPA) & Engineer (PE). Two decades as Founder & CEO of an innovative technology company. Published travel-writer, author, filmmaker, and podcaster.

Education: Doctor of Medicine (St. George’s School of Medicine), Juris Doctor (Lewis & Clark Law School), Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science (University of Idaho), MBA (University of Portland)

Community Service: Almost a decade as owner/operator of the Vancouver Columbia Arts Center, hosting and sponsoring community theater, music and art exhibitions. I understand what is required and who attends.

Statement: ***No Tolls*** Fight against Oregon tolls and taxation without representation on Washington residents. ***Middle Class*** Increase the size of the Middle Class through tax policy and by encouraging Small Business. ***Family*** Make being married a tax and legal advantage, and promote having children by providing Daycare. ***Education*** Give students a choice of how to be educated, including self-paced online schooling at home. ***Jobs*** Subsidize entry-level jobs, and remove the social burden of employees from Small Business. ***Trade*** Insist on Balanced Trade with tariffs if necessary. ***Healthcare*** Medicare for anyone but contain costs through competition. ***Transportation & Environment*** Electric Driverless Vehicles are the future for both congestion & clean air.

For more insight on how I would address these and other problems, please join us on my bi-daily podcast, “PRay TeLL, Dr. Hash,” available on iTunes.

I am competent, dedicated, incorruptible, and absolutely promise to reject undue influence from money or Special Interests.

I live in this Congressional District.  I started multiple businesses here and raised my family here for almost four decades.

(360) 901-8089

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