WA – U.S. Senate – GoodSpaceGuy

WA - U.S. Senate - GoodSpaceGuy

WA – U.S. Senate – GoodSpaceGuy

Total Reported Receipts:

Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: I, freemarket Goodspaceguy, was electorally defeated 18 times. (The poverty of the big spenders’ Command Economy continues!) 

Other Professional Experience: With my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, I, small spending Goodspaceguy, invested and became prosperous.  

Education: I, Goodspaceguy, Minnesota born, was university educated in Germany, Sweden, and America. My education included business and economics. (Free market economics guided by profit tells us how to raise the workers’ living standard. Work builds prosperity.)

Community Service: I, freemarket Goodspaceguy, advocate against poverty caused by the Command Economy. Let’s replace the job destroying minimum wage with individual free market wages. Make jobs easy to get.

Statement: Please think of our world as a beautiful spaceship. We are the passengers and crew members on Spaceship Earth. We are traveling in space around our Sun while our Sun travels inside our Milky Way Galaxy. But we are wasting too much money and allowing too much destruction on our planet. Through prosperity, let’s stop the population explosion that is exterminating the wilderness.

Using voluntary, competitive, free market economics, let’s raise the living standard of the workers. Let’s reject the voter supported Big Government Command Economy that through force and misallocation produces wild spending and poverty.

I, Goodspaceguy, predict the prosperous future in space will come through orbital space colonization around our Spaceship Earth. Let’s start with small habitats, perhaps privately owned by billionaires. Let’s join small habitats together into orbiting, international villages as the cheapest places to learn how to live in space.

But on our Spaceship Earth, we have a mixed up economy. We have unemployed people, homeless people, criminals, and poverty maintained by welfare (a heavy burden for the workers.) Free market economics can rehabilitate Spaceship Earth by transforming problem people into productive people within the labor force.

Worldwide we are struggling between Command Economies and Free Market Economies. Profits grow jobs, but the minimum wage laws reduces profits, which decreases jobs.

The workers create the goods and services that make up the living standard. Then tricky taxation takes from the workers and gives to the welfare recipients. The workers are robbed. The incentive to work is decreased. The minimum wage of the Command Economy creates a stressful work atmosphere and decreases profits. Jobs are lost. Crime and poverty increase. Let’s defend the incentive of profits that come from serving you, the consumer. Study Free Market Economics! Abolish the job destroying minimum wage! Choose prosperity path.

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