WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 3 – Dorothy Gasque

WA - U.S. House - Congressional District 3 - Dorothy Gasque

WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 3 – Dorothy Gasque

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: First Vice Chair of Washington State Veterans and Military Families Caucus, PCO, National Delegate

Other Professional Experience: Sgt Army, Honorable Discharge, I served eight years in the U.S. Army. In 2005 I deployed to Iraq, with an otherwise all male combat unit. My experience led me to focus on work with nonprofits and veterans and I later became a lead organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Education: I earned a Bachelors of Mathematics with a focus in game theory from PSU

Community Service: Fish Food Bank, CHAP, Boys and Girls Club, 4 Results Mentoring, organizing voter outreach

Statement: We are at a desperate moment in history where the American dream has become harder to realize with each passing generation. So-called ‘expert’ politicians have ushered in over four decades of rising costs of education, housing, and health care, stagnant wages, increased mortality rates, record corporate profits, and income inequality not seen since the Gilded Age. The fake news industry works to divide and conquer us with a theatrical blame game of red vs blue, while the donor elites cash in on low voter turnout.

There is a path to break this vicious cycle, and our campaign is leading the charge.

I am running for Congress because when I served in Iraq, I saw the shame of the military-industrial complex firsthand. Upon returning home, I educated myself on the issues affecting our communities and discovered the path to solving these problems begins with ending the corrupting influence of big money in politics. Until we weaken the power it has on our government, democracy will be at risk.

Our genuine grassroots campaign refuses to take money from corporate interests, and instead neighbors and friends across the district are volunteering their time to knock on doors, register voters, and spread our message. In Congress, I will fight for anti-corruption legislation, ethics reform, infrastructure, education, small business, living wage jobs, clean energy, Medicare for all, seniors, veterans, and for our children to know peace.

I ask for your vote to serve you in Congress.

(360) 261-3730

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