WA – U.S. Senate – Jennifer Gigi Ferguson

WA - U.S. Senate - Jennifer Gigi Ferguson

WA – U.S. Senate – Jennifer Gigi Ferguson

Total Reported Receipts:

Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Progressive Caucus Board Member, Bernie Delegate, PTA; President UP Soccer.  Appointments: Social Action (SA) Chair, SA State Coordinator, Regional SA Committee Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Liaison to the Governor (IL)

Other Professional Experience: Counseling, military PTSD, children, families; Adjunct Professor – Chemical Dependency. Small business, NonProfit owner created many opportunities for employment for people considered unemployable 

Education: Human Services Certification B.A. Evergreen State College; M.A. Psychology – MFT. Business Administration, Management, Computers, Military Sciences 

Community Service: I-1600, Believer, Lobbying elected officials locally and DC. DV, homelessness, methanol, LNG. Children services, eradicating sex trafficking, school district, Sheriffs Academy graduate

Statement: Single payer Healthcare is the critical issue currently facing America. We need elected officials willing to follow the will of the people by representing the 99% and overturning Citizens United. Let’s give our innovators opportunities to succeed in today’s job market, tomorrow’s economy without unyielding college debt. Every child, every ZIP code deserves a great education, with free or affordable college. I support equal pay for equal work, government jobs guarantee, investments in green infrastructure, clean environment and apprenticeship programs through strong unions, small business creation, retraining the labor force, especially injured workers.  Our middle class and working poor need prevailing wages now with cost of living adjustments, and tax breaks for small businesses to offset pay increases.

We must break down barriers and face the realities that racism, fascism, fear, and Constitutional Amendments allow for segregation, discrimination, and police brutality. Focusing on criminal justice reform, the 13th Amendment, Voting rights Act, and gun laws that protect people and protects 2nd Amendment is paramount. We need a fair immigration reform bill equal for all immigrants that protects DACA, women, children, and seniors.

We do not need another housing crisis, banks and businesses too big to fail or lobbyists writing legislation. We need a new Glass Stegall Act, government transparency and accountability. Trickledown economics has failed the 99%. 

As a wife of a Vietnam veteran, mother of three sons; two having served or currently serving, I understand the true cost of war, who benefits and who does not. Let’s address our overwhelming homeless population of veterans and civilians with long-term solutions, not Band-Aids.

From advocating for children to defending human rights around the world, I understand many issues. I will stand with the people and serve you with honor and integrity in Congress. I ask for your vote.


(253) 282-9591

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