WA – U.S. Senate – Dave Bryant

WA - U.S. Senate - Dave Bryant

WA – U.S. Senate – Dave Bryant

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Precinct Committee Officer; Delegate 2012 Washington Republican Party Convention.

Other Professional Experience: Retired Navy veteran commanding a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier and Fighter Pilot Squadron; Boeing Phantom Works Director.

Education: MBA, University of Washington Foster School of Business; Graduate Top Gun, Air Force Test Pilot School, Nuclear Power School, War College; MS Physics; MS Aeronautical Systems Engineering; BA Physics.

Community Service: My life of service includes 3 decades of Navy service, teaching English as a second language to the Hispanic community, service on a crisis line and food banks, Pierce County Surface Water Advisory Board and Theodore Roosevelt Association trustee.

Statement: As a son of a Mexican immigrant, Captain of a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, graduate of the UW Foster School of Business and currently with Boeing Seattle, I best represent and understand the economic, political and cultural diversity of our great state of Washington. You need a Senator that represents you and has the proven leadership expertise to fight for your economic future.

I am running to stop the overtaxing and overspending by our government that has undermined your right to make decisions at state, local and personal levels. Our national debt is now over $20 trillion – that means $125,000 owed by each worker in the United States! It is irresponsible to continue this overspending and a crime to pass on this debt to the next generation.

A fiscal conservative, I do not believe that social problems can be corrected solely with money. Rather, these challenges should be dealt with in a manner that is compassionate, practical and, most importantly, encourages responsibility of the individual. Compassion is an often used rationale for increased taxing and spending, but is it truly compassionate to offer handouts in programs that trap people in ineffective government programs and penalize those working hard.

As an American of Mexican descent, I can provide leadership for a bridge to a common-sense and compassionate immigration policy. We need to develop a long term integrated national energy policy and sustained use of our precious natural resources with a focus on you, your jobs and your future.

It is well past time for change. I ask for your vote so we can work together to make this change happen.

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