WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 8 – Keith Arnold

WA - U.S. House - Congressional District 8 - Keith Arnold

WA – U.S. House – Congressional District 8 – Keith Arnold

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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement:

Elected Experience: Requesting first elected service

Other Professional Experience: Proud federal employee, NOAA

Education: Bachelor Science, Accountancy, University of Illinois

Community Service: I have always supported living fairly which includes: ranked choice voting; government and businesses serving the people (not the reverse); quality schools; fair free global trade; not ending analog tv prematurely; clean renewable energy sources; supporting our troops’ economic and financial futures; not starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or bank bailout; immigration law enforcement focused on abusive employers; progressive tax system for higher incomes; universal healthcare; ProLife (exceptions: rape, incest, significant health risk); UN-focused world unity; ending unconstitutional judicial case “laws” and “orders”

Statement: Living fairly is essential. Living fairly is, also, satisfying and gives not only a good feeling but the most rewarding feeling.

Please support me in this election, so I can support living fairly in Congress.

We must live fairly to achieve the best country for ourselves and others. Living fairly means treating others fairly and at the same time ensuring we are treated fairly by others. This means doing what we can for others without overloading ourselves by unreasonably trying to do too much. Neither we nor anyone else can single-handedly save everyone, but we can do our part to help. Of course, if everyone works together, we can save everyone, but only if we work together.

We must not give up because some always cheat. While cheaters are disappointing they are not unstoppable. We must remember that most of us honestly play by the rules and if we stay in the race and support justice we will win and honesty will win because we are the majority. Cheaters “win” (which is really stealing) when too many of us allow cheaters to deceive us into believing cheaters are unbeatable and discourage us into giving up.

We must stay focused on what is the fair thing to do. Different wings and parties may favor the fair choices on different issues. On some issues no wing or party may favor the fair choices. What wing or party, if any, favors a side of an issue is not important, and we cannot be distracted by that. What matters is what is the fair and right thing to do on each and every issue considering all those involved including the givers and the receivers.

I will work with the liberal, conservative, moderate, Democrat, Republican, and anyone else who honestly support living fairly.

(253) 804-2513

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