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Candidate’s Voters Guide Statement: Elected Experience: I’m not a career politician. Other Professional Experience: Journalist / News Director / News Anchor – For 30 years I investigated and reported with an objective lens on the news of the day in our communities, initially at KAPP-TV in Yakima for 5 years, and then at KNDU-TV in…
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Live Chats with Candidates Poll and Status Update

Hi all, We will be reaching out to candidates this next week to start getting them scheduled. If people have candidates that they would like us to reach out to, please list below in the poll. (Anybody running in any election, from any state is welcome for live chats. So, please add who you’d like…
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Let us know you District – Washington State

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Each “U.S. Congressional District” elects one person to the U.S. House of Representatives. Every state gets some number of districts, based on its population as determined by the census. The state legislatures then decide how to “draw” the districts for their state. Find your district below:


Most people don’t know that women don’t have equal rights under the constitution. I’m curious what exactly this means. With the 14th Amendment being in place it does protect a lot of our rights but not the way it would should women have protection under the constitution. So what exactly does or doesn’t this mean,…
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